Friday, 22 July 2011

Book Beginnings On Friday

Happy Friday everyone! :) It's Book Beginnings On Friday time, which is a weekly meme hosted at A Few More Pages. Share the first line or two of whatever you're reading, and give your impression based on just that opening. Then link it back and take a look at what everyone else is reading too!

This week I haven't started anything new (how bad is that?!) but I have received a copy of 'Coffee At Little Angels' by Nadine Rose Larter, which I will be starting soon. So, I thought I'd share the opening so we know what we're getting ourselves into! Here it is:

"I went jogging on the morning that I died."

How's that for a grabber?! This opening has a kind of 'The Lovely Bones'-esque feel to it, as straight away we find out that the narrator is no longer with us. Jogging is such a routine, everyday thing that straight away I want to know what happened in between, between jogging and dying. I think this is a brilliant opening, and seriously cannot wait to find out what went so wrong, and to read what story this late narrator has to tell from the grave.

Let me know what you think!

Also, just a quick reminder, you may remember that a few weeks ago I shared the opening of 'The Undertaker' by William F. Brown for my Book Beginnings on Friday post. I know that most of you loved that opening, (and the whole book turned out to be really good, as you can read in my review) so now I'm giving you a chance to win a copy! It's a really good read, so if you liked what you saw before, click here to see the competition and enter! It's open until Wednesday 27/07/2011, so make sure you get in before then!


  1. That is a great opener...and I like the idea of a life that has ended as the beginning of the story. And what happens in between to fill in the gaps for the reader.


  2. Definitely an opening line that grabs your attention! Look forward to hearing what you think of this book.

  3. That's a grabber! I would keep reading it if I had it. (:

  4. You've just stolen my post for next weeks book beginnings, as I have also just received a copy of this book from the author!!

    I hope that the rest of the story lives up to that opening line, if it does, we are in for a good read, I think.

    Ah well!! back to the drawing board for me!!



  5. Wow! That is an opener that packs a punch! Love it! I look forward to reading what you think of the book!

    Thanks for stopping by Proud Book Nerd! :-)

  6. Oops! Sorry Yvonne! You can still use it, I'm sure :) your opinion is probably different to mine anyway, so I'd be glad to see what you think!

    I'm pleased you all liked the opening :) I've finished the book and really enjoyed it - the review will be up in a few days' time so please stop by if you'd like to see what I have to say about it!


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